Asahi Technology Co., Ltd. (ATCL) is a company that supports the infrastructure of future society with its technological capacities.


We are an engineering group
that supports future society

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About our business

We are an engineering group that focuses on not only current society but also future society.
We contribute to society while thinking about the driving force that animates the future world.

plant business

Plant business

We offer total support for design, construction, and maintenance mainly for industrial plants.

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Renewable energy business

Renewable energy business

We are able to manage a wide range of work from EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) to O&M (Operation and Maintenance) on renewable energy equipment, mainly solar power.

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drone business

Drone business

We run schools which train professional who have expert knowledge and skills, and propose services for industrial use.

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To About our business
CEO Yasuyuki Yukinaga

Message from the president

Our role as an engineering group
that supports future society

Our business contributes to future society
by utilizing specialized technological capacities.

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