Asahi Technology Co., Ltd. (ATCL) is a company that supports the infrastructure of future society with its technological capacities.


About our business

We are an engineering group
that supports future society

With a focus on future society, we think that the state of energy will change more.
We support future society based on our mission of being an engineering group who supports increasingly diverse infrastructure, with know-how accumulated from starting the maintenance of industrial plants such as power plants.

Plant Photo Plant Photo

Plant business

Plant illust

Plant business

We work on total engineering from design and construction to maintenance for mainly industrial plants such as power plants. We manage a wide range of mainly site control, process control and customer relations.

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Renewable energy Photo Renewable energy Photo

Renewable energy business Renewable energy business

Renewable energy illust

Renewable energy business

Power demand is huge and continuous power supply is required in Japanese society.
There is much interest in the method of supply. We perform our mission to ensure existing power plants are run safely and work on the design, construction and maintenance of renewable energy, mainly solar power.

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Drone business

Drone illust

Drone business

If drones, which continue to grow worldwide, become widespread in Japan, it leads to the revitalization of whole industry. We run schools to train professionals with skills for maneuvering drones, offer aerial photography, pesticide spraying, inspection of infrastructure, etc. by drone, sell various drones and peripheral equipment, and perform maintenance.

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