Asahi Technology Co., Ltd. (ATCL) is a company that supports the infrastructure of future society with its technological capacities.

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Plant business

“Our mission is to provide value which is more than the customer’s expectation.”

The strong point of our plant business is the highest level of technological strength and thorough system for safety management.
We hold elaborate meetings based on the drawing of equipment which we take charge of, and choose the necessary work finally after looking at the field and equipment directly.
If we find a new problem, we explain it and give a solution to the customer every time.
With no errors in our understating of work, we offer value which is more than the customer’s expectation.

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The technological capacities which allow customers to relax, and the system which is fitted with the latest equipment

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There is a lot of work which requires not only expert knowledge but also the acquisition of qualifications by law for the total engineering of industrial plants. We take internal training and recommend each staff member to acquire these qualifications. We are able to create the total power to answer various requests because each staff member acquires the qualifications with which they can demonstrate their professional ability to the maximum and we have put together a team of specialists who have the best skill to deal with the customer’s requests.

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  • plant Photo
  • Photo of person working in plant
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We bear responsibility as our customers’ partner

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Trouble in the plant business impacts many fields, such as the customer and the firms concerned.
We have a sense of scale in which we are involved in large-scale industrial plants and the responsibility to play a part. These senses of mission are the motive power for our work.

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  • plant Photo
  • Photo of people working in the plant